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Marg Darshan Astrological applications offers you a simple method of getting answers to your questions. It means you may ask any questions related to your career, money, love life and married life. Just by pressing your thumb you will get an answer.

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Margdarshan app claims to provide daily future predictions based on Viberstrology, a concept that utilizes body vibrations to predict one's future. According to the app, these predictions are generated using the energy produced by nine celestial planets and the Earth, which enter the body and create vibrations. This amalgamation of planetary and earthly energies is referred to as Viberastrology.

Users can access the app for free and ask questions related to various aspects of their lives such as career, finances, love life, and marriage. The app supposedly provides instant predictions based on the thumb impressions provided by users, which presumably capture their body vibrations.

Aim of Margdarshan App

The aim of the Margdarshan App is to provide instant solutions to people's problems and insights into their future life events. It recognizes that many other online astrological applications offer predictions and solutions but in a complex manner, often involving astrological charts and zodiac signs.

The app operates on the principle that science suggests a connection between the mind, body, and the universe, where our thoughts and desires are translated into the universe via body vibrations. It posits that the universe is comprised of energy produced by nine celestial planets, and when this energy combines, it forms what is termed as Viberastrology - a fusion of vibration and astrology.

Margdarshan App simplifies the process by offering answers to questions with just one click, facilitated by users providing their thumb impressions to capture their body vibrations. This method enables users to ask questions related to various aspects of their lives such as career, finances, love life, and marriage, and receive quick responses.

Why Use Marg Darshan App?

There are several reasons why one might choose to use the Marg Darshan App:

1. **Unique Approach:** Marg Darshan is the first app in the country to introduce Viber astrology, a novel approach that claims to predict future life events based on body vibration energy.

2. **Accessibility:** The app offers a convenient way to access astrological predictions and insights instantly, without the need for complicated charts or zodiac sign interpretations.

3. **Simplicity:** Marg Darshan simplifies the process of obtaining astrological guidance by requiring only a thumb impression to generate predictions. This straightforward approach makes it accessible to users who may not be familiar with traditional astrology.

4. **Personalization:** By utilizing body vibrations, Marg Darshan aims to provide personalized predictions tailored to each individual's unique energy signature, offering a more customized experience compared to generic horoscope readings.

5. **Comprehensive Coverage:** The app covers various aspects of life, including career, finances, love life, and marriage, allowing users to seek guidance on a wide range of topics.

6. **Innovation:** Marg Darshan stands out for its innovative integration of science and astrology, drawing on the concept of energy and vibration to offer insights into the workings of the universe and their impact on human life.

Ultimately, individuals may choose to use the Marg Darshan App for its promise of quick, personalized, and accessible astrological guidance rooted in the principles of Viber astrology.

However, if you download our Marg Darshan app you can ask 365 questions in just Rs. 99.Imagine how much you can save with us.

If you ask 365 queries to any other online consultation site you will be charged a total of 36500 for 365 queries.

With us, you save (36500-99) = 36,401 in this amount you can have a family trip to VAISHNO DEVI. If the online consultation fee is Rs 500 then you can save approx. 1.7 lakh with us. In this amount you can go for a CHAR DHAM YATRA with your family.

To get ensured about the preciseness of the answers or solutions given by our app, we give you a free trial period of 1 Days. You can get solutions to your queries using our app during the trial period, and just compare its accuracy and effectiveness against the solution suggested by your routine astrologer.

Features of Marg Darshan Astrology App

The Marg Darshan Astrology App boasts several key features that set it apart:

1. **Free Online Astrology Application:** Users can access astrology services without any cost, making it accessible to a wide audience.

2. **Based on Body Vibration (Viberstrology):** The app utilizes the concept of body vibrations to generate predictions, offering a unique approach to astrology.

3. **Instant Solution to Your Problem Online:** Users can receive instant solutions to their problems without the need for lengthy consultations or waiting periods.

4. **Online Ask Question, Get Answer:** The app allows users to ask questions directly and receive answers promptly, streamlining the consultation process.

5. **No Need for Astrological Chart:** Unlike traditional astrology, users do not need to provide complicated astrological charts for predictions.

6. **No Need to Know Your Rashi (Zodiac Sign):** The app simplifies the process by not requiring users to know their zodiac signs, making it accessible to those unfamiliar with astrology.

7. **Online Prediction of Life for Free:** Users can obtain life predictions online at no cost, making it an affordable option for seeking guidance.

8. **Instant Future Prediction, No Long Waiting:** Marg Darshan provides quick and efficient future predictions, eliminating the need for lengthy waiting periods.

9. **Easy-to-Use Online Applications:** The user interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

In summary, the Marg Darshan Astrology App offers a comprehensive and accessible platform for obtaining astrology consultation and life predictions based on body vibrations, making it a valuable resource for those seeking astrological guidance.

Why choosing prashanawali app is a better option than astrological charts?

Indeed, the Margdarshan app offers a broader spectrum of predetermined answers compared to traditional prashnawalis and methods such as Tarot cards. With approximately 400 predetermined answers, users have access to a more extensive range of possibilities, enhancing the accuracy and precision of the results provided by the app.

This increased variety of answers allows for a more nuanced approach to addressing users' questions and concerns. It ensures that the app can cater to a wider range of scenarios and circumstances, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable solution or insight for each individual user.

By offering a comprehensive selection of predetermined answers, Margdarshan provides users with a reliable and effective tool for seeking guidance and understanding in various aspects of their lives. This richness of options sets the app apart from other prashnawalis and traditional methods, making it a valuable resource for those seeking clarity and direction.


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10 INR
  • 30 predictions in a month
  • 1 Prediction Per Day
  • Premium Support
  • Refer Earn


55 INR
  • 180 predictions in a half year
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  • 365 predictions in a year
  • 1 Prediction Per Day
  • Premium Support
  • Refer Earn

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we provide 7 days free trial. you can try first before buying it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept on-line payment methods available on application when you pay.

Can we refer and earn through this app ?

Yes, You can refer and earn through this app.

What is the price for pro membership?

Pro membership costs are ₹10, ₹55, ₹99 for Indian Users and $9.99 For International Users.

Can I change my plan later?

No, you can not change the plan once you buy.

How many language supported by Goodmorning app?

Good Morning app currently supporting 8 Languages:- English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil.

Is this app available for android and iphone both?

Yes, This app is available for both.

Can we withdraw the earned money?

Yes, you can easily withdraw the earned money.

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