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Yes, we provide 7 day free trial when you download. you can try first before buying it.

No, you can not change the plan once you buy one.

We accept on-line payment methods available on application when you pay.

Marg Darshan app support Eight Languages:-

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According to experts (Shakun Shastries) looking at good omen is a very powerful tool to change your future happenings. Think you start on a journey with all the precaution of Lagan, Hora, Kal and Muhurat, but if a bad omen is sighted all your precaution of Lagan, Hora, Kal and Muhurat will come to naught. Bad Omen has so much powerful effect on our life. Some persons think it as “Superstitious”. But we simply request them to put into practice it. See the result then have faith.

Considering powerfulness of GOOD OMEN we in our effort to make your day as a very good day. We at Good Morning have decided to provide the service of sighting/looking “GOOD OMEN” every morning.

Looking at these Good Omens will have the power to turn negative prediction in positive prediction.

Viberstrology is a scientific method of predicating your future events on question answer method. In this method it is assumed that all 7 celestial planets + 2 invisible planets of Rahu and Ketu along with energy produced by earth govern your destiny or future events.

The energy produced by these 9 celestial planets and by earth enter our body and create vibrations. This vibration or waves produced by the mixture of energy of 9 celestial planets and earth may be called as Viberstrology. These waves are answer to our problems. These waves can be controlled by meditation, prayer to out deity (Isht dev) or positive activity like Havan, Pooja, Paath ( Recitation of Mantras ) etc.

Just touch on the thumbprint for 4 times and your prediction will be ready.

You can follow following steps:

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  4. You will get Rs. 10 in your account

You can ask total 365 questions from our app within a year.

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